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But to qualify for mailing at the First-Class Mail postcard price, it must be: the dimensions above, then the Postal Service considers it a letter and letter-size . Size & Weight Requirements. Postcards. Postcards must be rectangular to qualify for First-Class Mail® prices. Oversized postcards will be charged as a letter or . Card dimensions. Image shows minimum and maximum size for postcards. Minimum. Maximum. Length. 5 inches. 6 inches. Height. 3-1/2 inches. 4-1/4 inches.They are suprised to hear that there is no single one “Official Standard Postcard Size,” or at least as far as the. US Post Office is . May 14, 2014 . What do you mean the post office won't let me mail it this way?. Postcard size is 3.5 x 5 to 4.25 x 6, anything larger is considered to be in the . All measurements are in inches. These are standard postcard sizes. Check with United States Post Office before mailing. Designers Toolbox is not responsible . This updated postal guide follows current USPS regulations for all our mailing sizes and formats. When you print with us, we'll check to ensure USPS guidelines  . Here are a few guidelines to follow when designing a postcard or envelope to be. In the following image samples, the USPS zone specs are outlined in the . Templates for brochures, postcards, newsletters, catalogs and more to insure that your mailings comply with USPS regulations.. Affordable for any size business. EDDM route picker. We Make EDDM<sup>®</sup> Easy! Find out more, or. Get Pricing.The USPS dictates size standards for mail in the United States based on the requirements of its automatic mail-sorting equipment. The minimum postcard size is .


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