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6 days ago . You're very lucky to have inherited a shoebox of postcards and it's. Okay, you're really interested in selling the postcards, not keeping any or . Postcards are sold regularly in vintage markets and online; the market is "soft" which means that there. Read further to find out how to sell a postcard collection.Visit local stores that typically sell postcards. They may allow you to set up a display “on consignment” which means you provide everything and they only pay  . Before you start selling these postcards on eBay, it is important to understand the difference between a collection or an accumulation, as their is a big difference . … and Dealers. Cherrylan Auctions - Online Postcard Store Offers Postcards At 50% Off. We have been helping people sell their postcards for over 36 years.Have lots of old postcards or paper items that you'd like to sell? is one of the largest online vintage postcard dealers. We buy hundreds of . Find out how much it's worth by applying for a postcard valuation with Value My Stuff!. If you'd like to get a Postcard appraisal from our online specialist, simply . Selling Posters, Postcards and Calendars.. If you're thinking of producing and selling cards strictly online to eliminate the distribution model, start by reading . Make money with photography and sell your digital photos as cards.. Search online printers for the best prices and get on the phone to local companies to see  . Sep 5, 2014 . Making money on ebay - Selling vintage postcards. Nic & Andrea Hills. This video talks about selling postcards on ebay for profit. Why So Many People Quit eBay, Amazon, Craigslist or Any Other Online Business.

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